Anders är en webbutvecklare och hårdrockare som gillar brädspel, kaffe och öl.

Detta är ett arkiverat inlägg, som importerats hit för referens. Det kan se konstigt ut och innehålla utdaterad information eller inaktuella åsikter.

Om nya Cookie-lagen

Just think what would happen if these privacy laws were also applied to real-life businesses---like a local clothing stores. It would be a disaster.

The sales assistants would be required to wear blindfolds and noise canceling headphones while their customers are rummaging around in the store. They would not be allowed to see the reaction on people's faces as they looked at each product.

When the customer finally asks for help, the sales assistant would first have to ask for permission to remove the blindfold. People would have the choice to ignore this request or simple say no. How are you supposed to help someone if you are not allowed to see them?

That is the world we now have online in Europe.

Från Privacy, Smivacy. Tracking is not a problem. Jag har inte till fullo förstått hur illa detta är, men nu faller poletten ner. En dyster framtid framåt.