Anders är en webbutvecklare och hårdrockare som gillar brädspel, kaffe och öl.

Sluta använda meta viewport tills du vet hur den fungerar!

Javier Usobiaga:

In the early years, when the smartphones came to Earth, they knew the Internet wasn't prepared for them… so they expected every website to be around 1000px width (980px on the iPhone) and zoom out the website to fit into the screen. And so the

was created, basically to tell those smart dudes that your website was prepared for them.

Nowadays, some popular front-end frameworks like HTML5 Boilerplate, Twitter Bootstrap and other pre-made templates include this meta tag by default –which is great for responsive web design, but very harmful for "traditional" web design. This is how it works.

Jag skriver under på detta och sprider med glädje.