Anders, september 2018.

Anders är en webbutvecklare och hårdrockare som gillar brädspel, kaffe och öl.

En sammanfattning av Frontend-utveckling för 2019

After a rather quiet year, WebAssembly received some huge news early December — it is officially recommended as a language of the web by the W3C Consortium.

In the StackOverflow Survey released early in 2019, TypeScript was tied for 2nd with Python as the most loved language, falling only behind Rust.

Two of the biggest changes for HTML are native lazy loading and no-jank fluid image loading. Large images have been a pain for web performance, and we have hacked around it to better handle how we load them. With native support for lazy loading and aspect ratio recognition, we can get seamless images without needing to implement any additional functionality in JS.

En länk med en välskriven sammanfattning av 2019 års trender i Webbutveckling. Jag tar med mig tre saker från denna.

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