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Optimizing business productivity hands-on.

All modern businesses depend on software. Software has many moving parts that can feel intimidating and stand in the way of a business achieving its full potential. My mission is to unlock the potential. My experiences from a wide selection of industries allow me to quickly get hands-on in a new environment and provide insights and actions to achieve improvements. By leveraging the correct tools and techniques I can help foster a highly productive developer culture that will boost any business toward its goals.

Hard skills

I bring expert knowledge on how to design, implement and maintain a flexible​and ​scalable​software solutions on a budget. It can be either a brand n​ew​idea or an e​volution​that needs restructuring. I prefer to be ​hands-on​and get involved in the c​odebase​from day one. This means for instance establishing good c​ode quality,​ensuring the necessary v​alidation​mechanisms are in place and that repetitive tasks such as ​build​and d​eployment​are ​automated.​

Soft skills

Today, p​eople ​are the most expensive component of software development. By optimizing team c​ommunication​and ​productivity​it is possible to achieve huge ​financial gains​as it becomes possible to deliver​the right thing more frequently and with higher ​quality​. I coach t​eams ​and ​individuals​ to improve their game and h​appiness​in a highly ​collaborative​environment. — S​imon



Founder, Brightn AB

2014 — present In the process of releasing our first SaaS application, that besides a customer facing web frontend also includes an iOS app, backend API and everything in between. Responsible for all things technical but also marketing and other tasks requiring attention in a two person startup. Technical lead, Adeprimo AB

2008 — 2014, Östersund, Sweden Systems architect and developer responsible for establishing and evolving sound development and architectural practices across internal and external projects. Highly involved as a software developer and team mentor in the various teams. Advocate of agile and lean principles with a leading role as the company transitioned towards Scrum and Kanban as the default methods of managing projects. Solutions architect, Qurius AB 2007 — 2008, Linköping, Sweden Architect and consultant specializing on enterprise Java applications based on JBoss or WebSphere. Projects were conducted with customers mainly from government, military and insurance industries. Responsible for establishing architectural guidelines within the company. Instructor on a number of Sun Microsystems’s Enterprise Java courses such as FJ-310 and SL-351. Developer, Roxen Internet Software AB 2006 — 2007, Linköping, Sweden Software developer on the Roxen Editorial Portal product, a web based multi-channel publishing tool aimed at the media market. Technical consultant, exSitec AB 2004 — 2006, Linköping, Sweden Developer and Movex ERP system consultant, working closely with customers designing to implement custom solution ranging from simpler integrations to entire application suites. Deep understanding of the IBM iSeries platform. Master’s thesis, Ericsson AB 2003, Stockholm, Sweden Master’s thesis entitled 3​G IPv6 Node Emulator that includes application design and implementation of a Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) with IPv6 support. This node is to be used for 3G end-to-end terminal testing. Implementation conducted in C/C++ and Python under a *BSD, Linux and Solaris environment. Work also involves modifications to the FreeBSD kernel and IPv6 stack.

SN20150413 Head teacher, UKD Distans AB 2000 — 2003 (part-time), Malung, Sweden Teaching programming (C, C++, SQL and Visual Basic) to high school students. NOC technician, Utfors AB 2000 — 2002 (part-time), Uppsala and Stockholm, Sweden Managing core and customer networks. Network infrastructure configuration, monitoring and operations. education Master of Science, majoring in Software Engineering 1999 — 2004, Umeå University Minoring in Database concepts, computer communication, distributed systems, mobile and parallel computing. I first started on a path towards a Master of science in engineering physics degree, but decided after about a year to change lanes to focus on what I have loved since I was a child — and that is computers and programming. Developmental psychology 2004, Umeå University Upper secondary school, Natural science 1996 — 1999, Strömbackaskolan, Piteå skills Software Ruby, Objective-C, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Java, Python and shell scripting. I am highly productive in several other programming languages as well, these are merely the ones top-of-mind. Networking Solid theoretical and practical knowledge of TCP/IP, MPLS, routing (OSPF, RIP and BGP), WLAN, IPv6, Bluetooth, UMTS/3G and more. Design and implementation of several networked and distributed applications. Working experience of router and switch configuration maintenance at both core and access level. Database Numerous years experience of database programming and management using MongoDB, Redis, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle. Operating system Starting out with Slackware in 1996, progressing through various BSD dialects over the years. Now I mainly use Mac OS and Linux.