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Ett vackrare vanilla Minecraft

Unforunately the mod list has grown quite a bit in order to get some of the graphical enhancements optifine had. but here are the visual ones I use (and other things):

  • render distance: 28
  • better clouds: added those cool clouds in today vid
  • bobby: I use it for longer render distance on Hermitcraft. not sure if it does anything in single player
  • better animations resource pack: for better moving villagers, animals etc
  • simple fog: its a mod that gives you control over where the fog starts and stops. my settings are a fog begin % of 0 and and end % of 130.
  • sound physics: for reverb in large rooms and dampening in water
  • also I made some resource pack tweaks where I removed the white lines off of the water, smaller clock, lower shield.
  • brightness at 50% for deeper shadows and depth
  • not using shaders

but the biggest impact on visuals is the simple fog mod. vanilla fog looks terrible and gives a claustrophobic feeling. turning fog off takes away all of the atmosphere and immersion. but with this mod you can dial it in just enough to get the feeling of depth between the buildings without it being overwhelming.

BDubs är en av mina favoriter av alla duktiga builders i Minecraft. Jag installerade ovanstående, med undantag för Better animations. Kan bara säga att Minecraft blev som ett nytt spel, och otroligt mycket behagligare att uppleva.

Jag stänger fortsatt av all dimma i Nether, av den enkla anledningen att jag har svårt nog som det är att uppskatta den dimensionen.

Källa: Bdubs finally answers the burning questions: how does he make MC look so good?