Anders Englöf Ytterström

Anders Ytterström, Web Developer with 16 years of passion. I strive to constantly come up with new ways of improving both products and processes for all participants in projects I am part of.

I prefer my coffee black, just like my metal, and preferably drip brewed by hand.

I also aim to be a roadie, not a rockstar, as well as defending boring tech.

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Programming languages
HTML, CSS (Sass), Python, JavaScript (TypeScript), Elixir, Rust, PHP
Development process
CI/CD, Automated testing, Mentoring, Mob programming, Pair programming
Web Backend Frameworks
Django, Flask, Phoenix (LiveView), Express
Web Frontend
React, Redux, Vue, Svelte, Lit, OOCSS, BEM, Living styleguides
Build systems
Webpack, Parcel, esbuild
Content management
Wordpress, Joomla
pytest, Jest, Lighthouse, Axe, VoiceOver, Voice Assistant, NVDA, Cypress, WebDriverIO, Web Test Runner
AWS, Docker (Podman), Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Azure DevOps
Services & Infrastructure
Nameko, RabbitMQ, Celery, Kibana, Prometheus
MySQL, Postgres, Elasticsearch, GraphQL, Influx, Timescale
Version control
Git, Subversion
Operating systems
Linux, Mac OS, Windows
Other skills
Inclusive communication, Accessibility compliance, Technical writing
Swedish (native), English (fluent)


PlaymakerAI, Data analytics SaaS

Remote position
Full Stack Engineer
⁠Nov 2023–now
  • Part of a team consisting of Data scientists and Machine learning experts.
  • DevOps, Backend programming, Frontend engineering.
  • Python, NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, React, MaterialUI

Stratsys, Process management platform (SaaS)

Remote position
Senior Frontend Architect
⁠Mar 2022–Oct 2023
  • Part of a team consisting of Frontend architects and UX designers.
  • Responsible for the design system, frontend DX and Microfrontend toolchain and architecture.
  • Writing Web components with full ARIA compability, according to the spec.
  • QA and manual testing with screen readers (NVDA, VoiceOver).

Iteam, Technical Innovation agency

Remote position
Full Stack Developer
⁠Sep 2021–Mar 2022
  • All source code are released by a FOSS license.
  • Backend programming in Node.js, TypeScript, Express and Next.js.
  • Frontend development in React, Jotai, Formik, Styleguidist and Figma.
  • Code labs and skill sharing.

Kundo, Customer service company (SaaS)

Stockholm, Sweden
Full Stack Developer
Mar 2017–Sep 2021
  • T-shaped frontend developer focusing on WCAG 2.0 AA, design and mentoring.
  • Roles besides development: Team Lead, Tech Lead and Security administrator (briefly).
  • Backend programming in Django and Phoenix, with RabbitMQ as broker/RPC and Celery as job queue.

Adeprimo, Digital Fullservice agency

Östersund, Sweden
Systems developer
Oct 2007–Feb 2017
  • T-shaped Systems developer focusing on frontend and backend web development. Fields: Media, Destination, Tourism.
  • High demand on customer experience and context switching.
  • Distributed, remote-first teams with members located in Vaasa (Finland), Örebro (Sweden) and Östersund (Sweden).
  • Consulting for startups based in Östersund and Åre, Sweden.
  • Polopoly, Python, PHP, Sass, jQuery, Wordpress, SilverStripe, .NET.

Pierce, Ecommerce (Motocross, MC and Snowmobile accessories)

Åre, Sweden
Web developer
Mar–Jul 2015
  • Development and maintainence for, och
  • .NET, C#, Azure.

Västsvensk tidningsdistribution (VTD), Distribution

Alingsås, Sweden
Newspaper carrier
Jul–Aug 2007
  • Temporary summer position. Delivering Göteborgs-Posten to 300 households by foot. It rained every night.

Moment Marketing, Startup

Stockholm, Sweden
Web designer
Sep 2006–Apr 2007
  • Frontend development assistance. Employment by the hour.


Media and Communication Science, Mid Sweden University

Sundsvall, Sweden
Degree of Bachelor of Arts (incomplete)
Web design, Computer science, Computer engineering, Programming (Java, C)

Staffanskolan secondary school

Söderhamn, Sweden
Student degree
Media programme, vocational, media production, graphical communication


OneUX Component library

Senior Frontend Architect, Stratsys
  • Implement a reusable set of components as Web components (Custom element with Shadow DOM).
  • Data-driven state over DOM State.
  • Deployed by the MicroFrontend concept and practices.
  • Fully accessible, with keyboard navigation and mouse gestures, according to the ARIA Authoring Practices guide.
  • E2E/Integration tests in a set of real, headless browsers.
  • Packaged as part of a NPM package and a Design system for internal frontend developers.
  • Atomic Design, Microfrontends, Storybook, Custom Elements, Design Systems, Style Guides, Web Components, Lit, Vue.js, ARIA Authoring Practices guides (APG).

Slussen FastAPI data adapter, Sveriges Almännytta

Full Stack Developer, Iteam
Okt–Dec 2021
  • Turn Allmännyttan FastAPI from blob XML to compact JSON.
  • The adapter was used to create a POC to joyfully report a fault of an rental object.
  • Design sprint together with the stake holders.
  • All code was open sourced.
  • TypeScript, FastAPI, Express, React, MIT.

SEO-friendly embed of knowledgebase

Full Stack Developer, Kundo
Mar 2020–Mar 2021
  • Embedded a knowledgebase on any site using a simple embed snippet, whereas the knowledgebase is embedded using fetch().
  • Navigation between guides and text search included, all crawlable by googlebot.
  • SPA-compliance.
  • TypeScript, Jest, Google Search Console.

Accessibility Statement

Full Stack Developer, Kundo
Sep–Dec 2019
  • Compliance of the EU Directive on the Accessibility of Public Sector Websites.
  • Axe, W3C validators, Lighthouse, manual accessibility testing.

Kubernetes migration

Full Stack Developer, Kundo
Jan 2019–Dec 2020
  • Migrating an AWS production environment (several service-modules in different programming languages, message queues and micro services) to Kubernetes, along with all in-house DevOps tooling.
  • Goals: keep one command deploys to production, keep Kibana logging, supervision of all services.
  • Terraform, Ansible, Docker, Helm, Prometheus, Kubectl, Minikube.

Facebook Opengraph client

Full Stack Developer, Kundo
Sep 2017–Mar 2019
  • Integrating customer support questions posted on Facebook Pages and Messenger into the Dashboard.
  • Needed to be done asyncronously to not tamper with API credibility.
  • Python, Django, MyPy, Protobuf, RabbitMQ, Phoenix Presence+Channels, React + Redux

Security & GDPR accountable

Full Stack Developer, Kundo
Sep 2017–Feb 2019
  • Accountable for several projects to fulfil the GDPR directive up to May 25th, 2018 and onwards.
  • Accountable for security processes and planning for the technical platform.

Engcon pricelist

Interface Developer, Consultant
Nov 2016–Feb 2017
  • Prototyp-driven development of a digital version of a printed pricelist, focusing on effiency and MVP.
  • Vue, Django, Twitter Bootstrap

Wide Ideas

Full stack Developer, Consultant
Aug 2011–Feb 2017
  • Development of an idea management platform.
  • Handled DevOps, automation of workflows, development of web interface, and backend programming.
  • PHP, Pligg, Python, Flask, MongoDB, Elastic Search

Östersundstidningar redesign

Interface Developer
Mar–May 2011
  • Complete redesign of 3 sites with the same locked (and oldfashioned) HTML.
  • An Object-oriented CSS architecture (OOCSS) was used to create a design system and KSS-powered styleguide utilizing Sass mixins.


Interface Developer
Oct 2007–Aug 2009
  • Shared technical solution for a publication platform for 40 newspapers across Sweden, with Polopoly as CMS.
  • Technological ownership and mentoring others to write JavaScript.
  • All HTML and CSS written in collaboration with backend programmers, UX researchers and designers.

Courses, Conferences & Certifications

Personal Projects

Advent of code

Every December since 2016, I challenge myself (and sometimes other collegues) to solve AOC puzzles in a programming language of my choice.

As a consultant, time tracking is a crucial part of every day work, and using bad time tracking software sucks. For 5 years, I scratched my own itch. Django, DRF and Web standards at its core. Several experimental client side solutions built with D3, React, Vue, Android, iOS and GTK+. (Archived, 2012–2017)

Baslyft, bärs & burgare

My first Progressive Web App, with support to work fully offline once installed on a device. It's a simple app for logging reps, sets and PB's in the gym, with some nice tools built-in: 1RM calculator and KG-LBS converter. Touch-oriented design patterns, React, Redux, localStorage, ServiceWorker and other nifty Web API:s. (On hold, Sep 2019–)

Brütal Legend

A site to track progress of owning vinyl copies os songs licensed in an epic video game. Occasionally used as a real-world example to teach TypeScript, React and Redux concepts to collegues. (On hold)


A simple bookmarking and read list service, with integration to RSS feeds, Pocket and Slack. Inspired by the old, more minimal version of Instapaper. Elixir, Phoenix LiveViews. (In progress)


A pluggable static site generator, inspired by Metalsmith. The goal is to replace my own sites in Metalsmith, and to learn Rust. (In progress)