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En lista över saker att göra i Minecraft, backupad från Reddit

Original: A needlessly long list of things to do in Minecraft, kopierad 2021-03-25.

Bored and looking for something to do? Hopefully something in this list will pique your interest.

  • Build a large glass snowglobe. Put a comically small house inside and lure in a few villagers to inhabit it.

  • Track down that blaze farm you swore you would pretty up some day but you never got around to it. Build a pixel art blaze head around it. This goes for any mob farm.

  • Connect two based with a large suspended bridge. It can tunnel through mountains or wrap around them. Lay some track and use minecarts to travel from base to base in style.

  • Place a bunch of hoops in the air suspended by balloons. When you're bored, fly through them with an elytra.

  • Create a study complete with book shelves, a desk, a hammock and a map wall.

  • Find an area that you'll never look at from the ground, but you could see from an aerial view. Build some horizontal pixel art there. When you fly over with your elytra or map the area, you'll see it.

  • Build a bonfire area. Add some benches and chairs. Add some burning netherrack and your best attempt at coals or ash so it looks like a fire was just roaring, but is now just some loose coals and a few pieces of still burning wood.

  • Travel a ways away from your main base and build a resort in your favorite warm biome. Make it somewhere you'd try to visit in real life. Add pools, gambling areas, restaurants, tanning beds, a large flat screen TV, whatever would make you want to vacation there.

  • Add a few camp grounds to a wooded area. Add an RV or two, some hiking paths, a ticket area, and maybe some villagers to look after the place.

  • Choose a happy moment from your childhood and rebuilt it somewhere in your world. Birthdays, getting a new pet, when you achieved something you were proud of, whatever moment makes you smile. Re-create that scene in your world in as much detail as you can.

  • Make your own personal Mount Rushmore by carving the faces of a few people you respect into a mountain.

  • Finish an unfinished project. If you're like me, you have about twenty just begging to be completed.

  • Decorate the entrance to your mine with piles of ores, a forge, a few anvils and a place for hungry and tired miners to sit down and grab a bite to eat.

  • Build a ranch next to your farming area. Add a windmill or watermill to grind wheat into flour, a villager named "Farmer Joe," and some fenced in animals.

  • Recreate a scene in whatever video game gives you nostalgia. For me it would be Lumbridge Castle.

  • Build a large train next to your rail system. Make it look like it's out of service and set to the side so it doesn't block your rail way. Build a caboose, a few passenger cars with luggage and villagers, a meal car, and an engine.

  • Build a massive dragon or some other monster terrorizing your town. Add some destruction, some screaming citizens, and a hero coming to save the day. Make it look like the event is frozen in time.

  • Cut down a small area of forest, leaving only tree stumps. Place a zombie holding an axe inside a prison cell. Build a police car and make it look like he's being arrested for taking down the forest.

  • Give a naturally generated structure an upgrade. Make a witch hut into a mansion, give a woodland mansion some interior decoration, or improve the defenses of a jungle temple.

  • Build a bunch of tree houses in a jungle and connect them with rope bridges.

  • Take over a ravine. Build a few bridges winding down ravine walls, and carve rooms into the walls.

  • If you have a building devoted to the storage of a specific item, turn it into a shop. If you have a potion room, build a potion shop.

  • Construct an oasis in a nearby desert. Add some tropical trees, a hammock, a lake, and some plant life.

  • Build a path that twists precariously around a tall mountain. At the top, build a shrine to something. I recommend Cthulhu, personally.

  • The obsidian pillars in the end extend all the way to the bottom of the world, poking through the bottom of the end island. Build a large disk that is held up by these pillars and build something grand on top of it. Maybe a Spellcrafting Circle?

  • Find the highest point in your base and build a tower. Make sure the area has a good view of your base. Build an observatory room on top with glass floors and walls.

  • Travel about 100 blocks above your base and build a flying saucer. Below it build a beacon beam and have the beam travel right through the center of the ship. So it looks like it's using a tractor beam.

  • Build a large dragon hanging off of the side of a tower or another tall object.

  • Remove all of the small trees and bushes from a jungle biome and build a town underneath the massive jungle trees. Bonus points: You'll actually get ocelots to spawn.

  • Find an ocean and build atlantis. Make sure there are plenty of lights so it can be seen from the surface.

  • Create your own biome by terraforming your own area. You could create a volcanic wasteland using obsidian, black stained clay, lava blocks and lava formations, or create a lush green forest complete with custom trees, vines running from tree to tree, and wild carrot plants.

  • Replace the floor, ceiling or walls of a build with a large fish tank.

  • Carve an evil lair into the area below a mountain. Your evil scientist is going to need labs, a fusion reactor, a bunch of oddly specific vehicles such as a submarine with a massive claw, and at least one missile silo placed in the middle of the mountain.

  • Build a massive nether hub with portals that connect all of your various bases, farms and other locations of interest in the overworld.

  • Design and craft a bunch of custom banners and use them to tell at a glance what different rooms and areas are for. A potion icon for your potion room, a sword icon for an armory, an evil eye for your end portal, etc.

  • Build a dark and scary mob arena. Find a double or triple spawner and make a water stream that pipes all the mobs into a large dark room. Once enough of them are in the room, go in and fight them all.

  • Spice up a desert biome with the large skeletons of great beasts. For example, this scene from Pitch Black.

  • Craft up a bunch of fireworks and hoste a fireworks display. If you happen to have crazy amounts of them, set it up so a small firework show goes off every night.

  • Create a large map wall with an overview of your base. Put it somewhere with a lot of visibility so you can always see your awesome builds.

  • Craft up about ten stacks of signs and place them all over your world in obscure places. Write something like "[player] was here" on them. Place them in caves, on the ocean floor, behind walls, on the tops of trees, and on the tops of hills. Every once in a while you'll be exploring a jungle and you'll find a sign. I'm sure it will amuse you every time.

  • Bored of bridges? Dug tunnels underneath rivers and other obstacles. It's more impressive because it's totally impractical.

  • Build a friendly whale just floating in an ocean. Fish, giant squids and submarines also good options.


  • Create a MASSIVE Nether Portal with Tentacles coming out crawling around the room

  • Make a giant quarry with Chest Minecarts travelling between the bottom and top. Add some sand heaps on the outside and maybe a crane.

  • Build compact yet detailed statues around your fortress base Build an epic fight between a sea creature and some ships in the deep ocean

  • Build compact yet detailed statues around your fortress base

  • Build an epic fight between a sea creature and some ships in the deep ocean

Ideas by /u/monqueys

  • Construct an enormous chest room

  • Build a race track for horses, boats, or pigs

  • Build a sky base. I recommend having fun with geometry and symmetry when building these.

  • Create a building specifically for your end portal. Make it massive and extravagant.

  • Build a grand library complete with massive, story-high book shelves, a librarian, and a few areas dedicated to lying down and reading a book.

  • Create lore for your world (make relics an cities to play a story and a part in the lore. Roleplay a bit in your head. Its your world you can do anything you want to it)

  • Build a horse stable

  • Build bridges over pesky waterways. This will make traversing your world as painless as possible.

Ideas by /u/Hyperactive_Man:

  • Remove all torches in your base and try use clever and better-looking lighting.

  • Make a Svalbard seed bank then find all the saplings and food plants and put them all in the seed bank in case of disaster!

  • Find a naturally generating structure such as a desert pyramid or a village and make it your own.

  • Find an aesthetic block you've never tried to use before and put it to use. Red sandstone, red nether brick, acacia wood, all flavors of stained clay and coal blocks all look great but don't see much use. If you haven't tried to build with one, try it out!

  • Build something from real life in game. This can be anything from a mcDonolds to The houses of parliament

  • Expand a desert pyramid. Include a massive network of underground tunnels, tombs and a labyrinth. Replace the drop shaft and TNT trap with a large treasure room and a much more impressive array of traps.

  • Convert a nether fortress into a futuristic paradise. Convert the bridges into suspended roads with gardens hanging below them. Add houses, stores, libraries, parks and other buildings onto these roads. Add several large glass biodomes, giving a hint of life to the nether.

  • Upgrade a village into a military compound complete with jets, anti-air cannons, boats if it's close to water, an armory and a plaque to honor fallen testificates. They're not villagers any more, they're soldiers.

  • Expand an ocean monument into a sprawling underwater city defended by the great and powerful elder guardian.

  • Renovate a jungle temple into a gold and trap filled monument Indiana Jones would be proud to raid.

  • Turn a witch hut into the candy house from Hansel and Grettle.

  • Convert a woodland mansion into an evil mage's paradise. You'll need a spellbinding circle, an apothecary, a bunch of skulls and other dark imagery, some sort of altar or shrine and a place to sacrifice sheep. Oh, and a library.

  • [I need a good idea for mineshafts and dungeons]

  • Turn a desert well into a detailed fountain

  • Convert an end city into a wizard tower. It's already purple and tower shaped.

Ideas by /u/sheikchilli:

  • Create a sustainable living environment underground. You should be able to survive there without reaching the surface for all eternity if you so choose. Bonus points if you build fallout shelters.

  • Create a large floating island ripe with vegetation. When it's done, sit on your new island and watch the sunset.

  • Convert a ravine from boring stone into a lush garden.

  • Combine minecarts, detector rails and lamps to create a light show

  • Create a large temple inside a mountain reaching from bedrock to cloud height

  • Build your best impression of your annoying neighbors house, and bomb it with your best tnt cannon.

Ideas by /u/pyshkopath:

  • Choose a peak that overlooks some nice scenery and build a wizard tower.

  • Build a zoo, preferably in the end. Try to bring a few of every type of mob in the game, and build habitats for all of them.

  • Build a library with written books containing everything you need to remember about your world. Important coordinates, how to operate your various redstone devices, tips and tricks, the password for that redstone door you swear you'll always remember the password to, etc. Some day you'll thank yourself.

  • Build a horse testing track that looks like the kind you'd expect to find in real life. Include bars the horse must jump over to test the horse's jump height, and a redstone horse speedometer disguised as a race track. Use these to figure out which horses are good breed stock.

  • Build a large forge under your iron farm. Make it look like iron golems are being smelted into molten metal (use lava), cast into ingot shapes and distributed into chests. Bonus points for assembly lines, foundries, ventilation systems and other pieces of infrastructure to sell the appeal.

  • Build a mob farm shaped like a giant sword

Ideas by /u/epharian:

  • Find a village and jump down the well. Create a secret base down there. The well must be the only way in or out. I recommend ender pearls or a slime block launcher to get back out.

  • Move a nether fortress to the overworld.

Idea by /u/Nay2003:

  • Build an underground base inside of a cave.